Power trowel is also called as power float, it consists of a trowel rotor, there is a trowel on the bottom of the cross placed in the rotor middle. Vergence direction of the trowel is the same as the rotation direction of the rotor, the gasoline engine drives the belt to make the trowel rotor rotate. During operation, one should start the engine, hold the control handle, the machine will move forward through pushing the two handles, and go back through pull back the two handles. It can work out 100~300m2 area per hour, its working efficiency increased by 30 times compared with manual power float.

ride on power float
ride on power float

Operation details of power trowel:

  1. start the power float, operate the handle;
  2. Hold the control handles, make the machine in balance;
  3. The power float must be controlled in balance when it is in operation, the operator should adjust the direction in time when working on floor, to avoid the machine lose of control;
  4. Rough grinding first and fine grinding then, drop millstone and make fine grinding by trowel when the floor is appropriate to fine grinding after rough grinding by millstone on the bottom.
    It is a machine that grinds roughly and finely on the surface of concrete. The surfaced constructed by machine is more float and level than the surface construed by human beings, it will greatly enhance compaction and abrasive resistance of concrete surface, and its working efficiency increased by 10 times than human operation. Floor power float is widely used in purifying syrup, leveling and troweling on concrete surface in high standard factory building, warehouse, parking, square, airport and frame-type building. It is the primary tool for concrete construction.

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