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Power trowel is also called as concrete finishing machine. It is one of the most common tools in concrete floor projects, and its function is to finish the concrete floor. Compared with finishing concrete by labor, it has higher construction efficiency. Generally speaking, the walk behind power trowel is 10 times as fast as manual speed, and ride on power trowel is more than 30 times as fast as manual finishing. Its working principle is to use drive rotary blade by the engine. The concrete floor is burnished again and again, meanwhile the concrete floor is compacted by the machine weight. Hiking company is engaged in manufacturing and selling various power trowel, major products include ride on power trowel and power trowel. The most brand new high-quality reducer is applied, and the Japan Honda engine and American B&G engine as power. Besides abundant power, it has perfect stability and durability.


  1. The machine is adopted with a high-quality aluminum case reducer produced by our factory. There is a large area of cooling fin for cooling, high powered toothed gear, it features anti-corrosion, fast cooling, and fast rotating speed.
  2. Thickened steel material is used, solid and durable meanwhile, it makes the machine heavier, and has a better compacting effect to concrete.
  3. The surface uses the latest stoving varnish technology, it looks beautiful and high-end meanwhile is makes it has perfect durability and adds service life of the machine.
  4. All machines are equipped with Japan Honda engine and American B&G as engine, they supply abundant power and make the machines more stable and durable..
  5. All concrete power trowel machines are equipped with emergency stop device for safety. When your hands left the operating rod or your feet left safe feetboard, the machine will stop working immediately.


HIKING® focuses on the production and sale of various types of concrete power trowel machine. The products have passed the quality certification of ISO 9001-2015, and have good reliability and durability.

The Walk-behind Concrete Trowel Machine (Cconcrete power float) can smooth and polish concrete surface, which saves manpower and improves work efficiency. This machine is dual-purpose (using both flattening and calendering blades). When the machine is used, the flattening blade is first and then the calendering. It is easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving. It is dozens of times more efficient than the manual polishing.

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The Ride on Trowel Machine is a fine polishing machine with the rough concrete surface. The surface constructed by machine is smoother than that constructed by man, which makes concrete surface more compact and durable, and it is more than 5-10 times more efficient than walk behind power trowel machine.

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Hiking power trowel can be widely used in various concrete finishing projects. If the site where you plan to construct is small indoor place, you can choose our mini power trowel. There is an anti-collision ring equipped over the blade, which can avoid the crash of indoor wall to ride on power blade. Besides, this machine can be used in large projects on the concrete floor close to templates or corners. Walk behind power trowel/power flat and ride on trowel machine can be used in the concrete floor of a larger area or concrete slab projects.


The purpose of using power trowel is to burnish leveled coarse floor to make it more smooth and bright. By using power trowel, FF value of floor can be enhanced, floor or salb will be more smooth in partial. No matter what tool is used, smooth is the last purpose for concrete trowel work. Working efficiency of power trowel is much faster than manual trowel, most customers purchase power trowel for the purpose of enhancing construction efficiency, shortening construction period, and decreasing labor input.

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Difference between walk behind power trowel and ride on power trowel

Walk behind power trowel is small in size and more convenient for transportation. It can be flexibly used in concrete finishing projects of small area. Compared with ride on power trowel, it is more simple in operation, and convenient for usage, it is cheaper, too. Compared with walk behind power trowel, ride on trowel machine has faster construction efficiency( generally ride on trowel machine is 5 times faster than walk behind power trowel when they use the same blade). For operator, ride on power trowel is more labor-saving.

Used power trowel or New?

Trowel machine is introduced in many years, so there are lots of used power trowel in market. Machines which has been introduced for many years or used for long time have advantages in price. Breakdown often occur to those machine. If you don’t have ready tools, you will undertake huge lose. Because concrete is required to be finished in a short time after leveled, is your machine is damaged and you don’t have appropriate ready tools, consequence will be severe. So we suggest you purchase brand new machine, if you only have a little budget, we suggest you purchase a used power trowel which is not used for a long time.

Power trowel rental or buy?

Some people want to rent a power trowel for many reasons. Because most of them are not professional concrete contractors, they seldom use the machine, they want to rent one. If your situation likes that, we won’t suggest by a machine only to use once. We remind you of carefully checking there is no trouble with the machine when you rent one, and you should rent a new one to avoid problem occurs during rental period. If you are a professional concrete contractor, we suggest you buy a power trowel. If renting a power trowel needs usd 100 per day, the fee for rental for several times will be enough to buy a new one. So we suggest professional concrete contractor not rent power trowel.

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